My name is Lee and I have been in the soft drink industry for more than 10 years with an outstanding gold award in 2010 for the best soda product in North America called,
Mr. Q. Cumber.
This was the world's first all natural cucumber soda when launched in 2007.

Being a coffee lover, I decided to apply my experience with beverage formulations to develop an award winning espresso coffee soda.
And 4 years later CAFELLO was born.

To say it wasn't easy its an understatement. I literally had to work with an endless array of different coffees, endless combinations and extraction methods.
I also had to find a way to tame the foaming that is caused when carbonated water is added to coffee. This was important so that high speed bottling can be ensued.

For this coffee soda I had to make sure that it covered all bases.
Have a great smell with an aroma of fresh ground coffee beans, taste great and keep preservatives out by naturally pasteurizing it.

Cafello was to be produced fall of 2018 but due to unforeseen events it is rescheduled for spring of 2019. Based on your comments on our social media we might be able to push production as early as February next year. So your feedback and support is absolutely PARAMOUNT.

Thank you in advance,

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